What Community Leaders Say

Our vision for Charlottesville City Schools calls for ‘Personal and Academic Excellence Inspired by a Collaborative and Innovative Learning Environment.’ More than ever, that goal requires academic as well as financial strategies that will provide students with state-of-the-art learning activities that prepare them for the future. Children’s dreams are infinite, but public funds are inevitably limited. Community support makes all the difference in seeing that Charlottesville students thrive as they reach their full potential.

Dr. Rosa Atkins

Superintendent, Charlottesville City Schools 2006-2021

We are at a turning point in human history, a rising tide of a culture of participation in global networks that open doors of which we never have dreamed. Remember, ‘making,’ at its core, is about ‘teaching’ kids to view the world (not just school) in a completely different way — it’s about empowerment and ownership of destiny— wondering is great but realizing that one has the power to ‘make something happen’ is a powerful, powerful thing.

And what is most powerful is that this process will be a collaborative investment. It is not just teachers or administrators, parents or volunteers. Everyone in our community will have a role, people from all walks of life and interests who are different in so many ways but who share the same fierce passion for ensuring that the next generation always will be better than the one it follows.

Dr. Pam Moran

Superintendent, Albemarle County Public Schools 2006-2018

At a time when public education dollars are being squeezed at the state level, it is more important than ever for community members and business leaders to step forward to ensure that our children can receive a world-class education in our public schools. Without that independent investment, many of the programs which this community supports, and many others that would be greatly beneficial to our youngsters, will fail for lack of funding. The Public Education Foundation can step into the gap to provide additional funds for critical initiatives that our community supports.
Delegate David J. Toscano

57th District, Virginia House of Delegates

At State Farm, we believe all children deserve an education that helps them reach their potential and prepares them for life. We are pleased to support programs that provide students and teachers the development, instruction, resources, and support they need to succeed. Moving kids from compliant listeners to curious learners is an awesome goal, but the ultimate goal must be to move learners from dreamers…to doers…then, later in life, to change makers. Our nation, state, and local community depend upon it.
Jen Alvarez

Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility State Farm Insurance