Why Public Education

Public schools play the critical role of educating our children.

With diminishing state and federal resources, schools across the Commonwealth and the nation have been challenged to maintain the status quo with little hope of raising the bar to compete globally. With your support, we can jump start innovation and invent the future of public education right here.

Strong public schools also secure our community’s future. Every bit as critical as infrastructure and business development, they help to attract and retain top-tier employers and a high-quality workforce.

By utilizing the public schools, parents’ discretionary spending and time can be focused on activities that benefit our community and tax base, such as:

  • Investing in local businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises;
  • Supporting charities and community programs;
  • Shopping in local stores and engaging service professionals;
  • Becoming home owners or purchasing a larger house to raise their family;
  • Traveling to other communities and countries for business, vacations and learning opportunities that build on and enhance school curriculum while helping spread the word that Charlottesville and Albemarle are excellent places to work, play and raise a family;
  • Reducing congestion on our streets and pollution in our community by utilizing busses to transport children for school and after school activities; and
  • Giving families the option to stay or relocate here while turning down potentially higher salaries in places like New York, Washington, Northern Virginia and Richmond.